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Avana Lilly

The early life of the Infanta Catalina, a series on Queen Catherine of Aragon.

A portrait of a young Catherine of Aragon wearing a dark burgandy dress and hat
A portrait of a young Catherine of Aragon wearing a dark burgandy dress and hat
Michael Sittow, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

We have all heard of Catherine (Catalina) of Aragon. Wife of King Henry VIII of England. Sadly that is what she’s most remembered for by history. Being the dismissed first wife of a tyrant. Catalina was however a woman who was, so much more than just who she married. First, though let’s go over some basics on Henry. Just to refresh our memories and get him out of the way for now.

Catherine, was the first of Henry’s six wives. They were married for 24 years…

Infanta Catalina de Aragon, her early teens years, and a royal engagement .

A young Catherine of Aragon, Anonymous Artist :By anonymous — Art UK, Public Domain,

Welcome back, my fellow time trippers. Last we left off our dear Catherine had reached her teen years and a royal engagement with the Tudor Prince Arthur was in works. Let’s see what happens. Time Trip setting Granada Spain late 1490’s early 1500’s.

A Royal Engagement

In the case of Isabella and Ferdinand, they never saw their daughters as any less of a blessing than their son. The Catholic Monarchs were very progressive. Note the irony in that statement.

Just as Juan would be married to strength the diplomatic ties…

Warm the body, comfort the soul.

A table with a warm bowl of soup setting on it.
A table with a warm bowl of soup setting on it.
Photo by Matthew Hamilton on Unsplash

Last weekend we had an unprecedented snowstorm, very uncommon for my area. Everything was cold, wet and frozen. No one wanted to go out and most seem to be in an unhappy condition.

As I checked in with friends and loved ones to see how they weathered the storm, I noticed they had 2 things in common.

One, the agreed on disliking our wintry visit from good ole Jack Frost. Two, everyone was cooking. Warm, delicious, aromatic foods. Hearty, filling and pure comfort brought to their table.

This got me to thinking. With the majority of the northern hemisphere in…

The storm rages

Photo by Numendil on Unsplash

“Help him please, he’s my father.” She cried.

“Come in, come in.” Emma motioned the girl inside as the couple pulled the man to his feet and took him to a chair near the fireplace.

Emma checked him over while Josh went to the linen closet. He got out one of the cots they used for the shelter and an armful of blankets. Returning to the office he handed the girl a couple of blankets and set the cot up for the man.

“What’s your name?” Emma asked the girl. As she checked the man over. His condition was not…

5 Minutes in Regency England

A mother and children in the sitting room during the Regency period
A mother and children in the sitting room during the Regency period
by Vittorio Reggianini

The Netflix hit of the season Bridgerton has us all interested in the Regency period. The balls, the belles, the decorum, the Dukes wink, wink. So I thought I would see what the typical day was like for a regency period lady.

We know for the fashion and leisure set their day usually started around 9 am, so let’s start there. Here’s your schedule milady do enjoy your day!

9:00 am: Good Morning, Time to Meet and Greet the Day

Good Morning. Now is the time for a lady to rise, enjoy a cup of tea in bed perhaps. Then wash and have your ladies dress you for the day. Once…

Chapter 1: Angels Unaware

Photo by Mike Kotsch on Unsplash

It was a cold wet rainy night. The sun wasn’t completely set yet and already it was nearly dark. Deep grey snow clouds filled the sky as an icy rain started to fall. A very ominous-looking night indeed.

Josh and Emma were heading home from a charity dinner. They had stopped at their small neighborhood church on the way home. Emma liked going to the little church, she had known Father MacAbee since she was a child.

This time they were dropping off some canned food and clothes they had collected to help the Winter Charity Drive. They got out…

A Word Wizards guide to Enneagram Types 1–3

A pen, a book and glass of warm tea place on tablecloth in sunshine
A pen, a book and glass of warm tea place on tablecloth in sunshine
Photo by Carli Jeen on Unsplash

We meet again my fellow word wizards. Last time we spoke about the basics of how to build a character from scratch. Today I have brought in a little help. Something to speed up the process. Enneagram types. There are nine in total. Today we will be discussing the 1–3. Let’s get started.

Enneagram Types

There are 9 personality types on the Enneagram scale. Assigning one an Enneagram type to your character can be helpful in figuring out how they will act in a certain situation. …

A New Pet Parent’s Guide To Vet Readiness

Photo by Leohoho on Unsplash

Ok, now that you have your new puppy. You have them home, settled, and named. So what's next? Well, new pet parent, the next step on this wonderful journey of pet parenthood is a trip to your veterinarian. Time to get that little fluff nugget checked over, de-wormed and vaccinated!

Step 1: Pick a veterinarian

This step is the easiest and the hardest. You want to choose one close to where you live in case of an emergency. You want a vet that's easy to talk to willing to listen, one who will answer your questions and explain exactly what's going on with your pet.

Chapter 4: Welcome to Cavendish Village

Photo by Sigmund on Unsplash

It was a lovely drive, with beautiful fields and fall foliage. At last, they arrived at their little bungalow. The sky was grey and it looked like rain. A cold wind blew in off the sea. Filling the air we the salty smell of seawater.

As they were unpacking a couple approached them.

“Hi hi, welcome to Cavendish Village.” A very British voice called from behind them. “Nice to meet you. We are your neighbors, to the right.” She informed them.

Turning around they saw a tiny, sporty dressed Asian woman with long sleek hair pulled back into a ponytail…

Avana Lilly

Writer, book enthusiast, lover of all things cute & cuddly, pet parent. A history buff, who likes art, nature, and baking. A new book + pastry = A Happy Life.

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