To be perfectly honest Diana did the same thing. Her tell all interview talking about all the sorted details of their father and mistress.

Those boys grew up with that. It must have been had to respect their father after that. Which is understandable but never good for thier mental health. Honestly the royal family wasn’t much kinder to Diana than they were to Meghan. Diana just had the public backing her.

My biggest problem with Meghan and Harry is they keep saying the want to live private lives and distance themselves from the royal family but they just can’t stop talking about them. They cant stop trying to make their way back into the spot light.

Like they found a back door way to still make money off the royal brand, but instead of doing so by being a part of it, they make money by bad mouthing it.

Both of them are intelligent, educated people that have led interesting lives. They don’t need to be a “royal" to be someone.

Meghan could start a fashion line, write a vegan cookbook, blog about being an earth friendly, health conscious mother of two, start her own environmentally friendly make up vomcould have her own food network show, be a fashion correspondent so many options for her.

Same with Harry, he could be working with global veterans groups, writing survival guides, building and eco-friendly company that employs all those veterans needing work.

But I digress. Sorry for the long rant. Your article was fantastic and really got me to see this situation in a different light.

Writer, book enthusiast, lover of all things cute & cuddly, pet parent. A history buff, who likes art, nature, and baking. A new book + pastry = A Happy Life.

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